What are Locations in the Arlo Secure App and how do I use them?

Dec 19, 2023

The Arlo Secure app streamlines remote monitoring, offering a centralized hub for multiple work sites. Its benefits include real-time access to footage, customizable alerts, and easy scalability, enhancing efficiency and security for contractors overseeing various projects.

Arlo Secure 4.0 enables you to add multiple locations using one account. If you have multiple devices in different areas, you can group your devices based on physical location, such as Home, Office, or Cabin locations. These Locations can also be shared to your friends.

Important reminders when setting up a Location:

  • You must have at least one Location on your Arlo account.
  • Your device must belong to a Location upon installation.
  • Make sure the Arlo Secure App is granted location access/permission on your mobile device’s application setting.

Can I add a device to a Location?
Yes. You can add a device to any Location. In the Arlo Secure App, select the Location using the location switcher, then add the device. For more information, visit: How to add an additional Arlo device to an existing Arlo system

Note: Only the owner of the Arlo device and Location can add devices. Shared users cannot add a device to a shared Location. For more information, visit: What privileges do my friends have when I grant them access rights in my Arlo account?

Can I move a device from one Location to another?
Yes. You can remove a device and add it to a different Location.

Note: You can only move Arlo Ultra, Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, Arlo Pro 3, and Arlo Wire-Free cameras into a Location with a SmartHub or Base Station.

Can I delete a Location?
Yes. Locations can be deleted but you must have at least one Location in your Arlo Secure App. You must also make sure that there are no devices in the Location prior to deleting. You cannot delete a Location with devices.

How many Locations can I create in my Arlo account?
You can set up as many Locations as you want on your Arlo account as long as it is in the same country the account is registered to. For example, if you have a US based account, you have to assign a US address to the Location.

What address should I use when defining my Location?
You must use your exact physical address. The address will be used for Emergency Response. To learn more, visit: What is the Arlo Emergency Response feature and how does it work?

Does my Arlo Secure or Professional Monitoring plan apply to multiple Locations?
No. Arlo Secure and Professional Monitoring plans are per Location. Each Location in your Arlo Secure App requires a separate subscription for service.