The Benefits of an Indoor Security Camera

Dec 8, 2022

Discover six reasons your home needs an indoor security camera.

Indoor security cameras are becoming increasingly popular as the years go by; more than 35 million Americans alone own a security system for their home. Traditionally used to dissuade criminals from entering your empty home, there are in fact quite a few different uses for indoor security cameras that you may find not only useful, but necessary in your busy life. We have found the best security camera benefits that you should think about when considering whether to install an indoor security camera or two around your home. Check out these top 6 benefits below:

1. Checking on your family
There are many indoor security camera benefits but tracking your family throughout the day will always be a popular use. If you’re out and about, or just simply at work during the day, an indoor security camera can be a great way to keep an eye on your family. For added peace of mind, the special privacy shield featured on Arlo’s Essential Indoor Security Camera can close when you’re not using it, making it impossible for anyone other than you to see what your family is doing. Even with a babysitter present in the home, you may still find yourself wondering if your children are all right. Arlo’s indoor security cameras can instantly give you the answer by showing you a live feed from any room in your home without having to disturb your children.

2. Keeping an eye on your pets
Like checking up on your family and making sure they’re alright, keeping an eye on your pets is one of the most common security camera benefits. Unlike children, however, a pet is much less able to take care of themselves. They cannot get themselves more food or water and they may begin to make loud noises if distressed, much to the aggravation of any nearby neighbors. Using an indoor security camera, pet owners can at once check on their furry friend and see if they are happy and content or happen to be barking at something outside or stuck atop a high shelf with no way down.

3. Monitoring your home when you’re away
Even if you do not have any children or pets to worry about, you may still want to check your home while you’re away just in case anything was to happen. This can be just as important as other security camera uses. For instance, if you happen to go on vacation and are expecting a package, a security camera, placed just inside the front door, can let you know when your highly-expected delivery will arrive. You could also keep an eye on a house-sitter and make sure that they have everything under control while you’re away.

An indoor security camera is the perfect means to watch out for deliveries, a house-sitter, or any other expected (or unexpected!) in-home happenings.

4. Deterring criminals
Perhaps the most important use out of the many possible indoor security camera uses is to deter criminals or home invaders from entering your home. With no visible cars out front and with everyone off at work for the day, criminals take this time to enter homes unopposed. However, if you own one or more security cameras, these same criminals will stop short of entering your home and will most often leave your house in peace for fear of being caught by you on camera.

5. Helping the police
If, unfortunately, your home does get invaded while you’re not there, an indoor security camera can help assist the police in recovering your stolen possessions. Perhaps your camera picked up the license plate of the vehicle the criminals were using, or even caught a glimpse of their faces. The information your security camera holds can be of invaluable help to the police into their investigation and eventual apprehension of the invaders. Security camera benefits such as these are great reasons why you should consider choosing one of our indoor security cameras.

6. Insurance purposes
One of the more uncommon security camera uses is to document a natural disaster for insurance purposes. If your home were to become flooded or suffer damage due to an earthquake, having video proof of this disaster occurring can actually help your insurance company process the damages faster and more accurately, allowing you and your family to get back on your feet quicker and easier than if you didn’t have the video evidence.

The plethora of security camera benefits offered by an Arlo indoor security camera — and more specifically our Arlo Essential Indoor Security Camera — can help you keep both your family and your home safe and secure against almost all eventualities. Be sure to check out our many home cameras or even compare cameras side by side with each other to find the one that works best for you.