FAQ - Arlo Ultra 2

Nov 19, 2021

 Kaira | Arlo Store Singapore - FAQ - Arlo Ultra 2 Surveillance Security Camera Wire-free

Get quick answers to your questions about the Arlo Ultra 2 Wire-free Surveillance and Security camera here (Models: VMC5040, VMC5240, VMC5340).

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Q : What is the difference between Arlo Ultra 2 and Arlo Ultra?

A : Arlo Ultra 2 has all the same features as the original Arlo Ultra and more. These features include increased connectivity range, dual-band WiFi, and a 4K Arlo Smart trial..

 Q : Can I place my Arlo Ultra 2 camera further away from my SmartHub or base station than my Arlo Ultra camera?

A : Yes. Arlo Ultra 2 has better range than Arlo Ultra, so it can be placed farther from your SmartHub or base station.


Q : Do I get an Arlo Smart trial when I purchase an Arlo Ultra 2 camera?

A :Yes. Arlo Ultra 2 cameras come with a 3-month trial to Arlo Smart, with 4K streaming and recording included.


Q : Does Arlo Ultra 2 output 4K resolution?

A : Yes. Arlo Ultra 2 outputs 3840x2160 resolution at 16x9 aspect ratio.


Q : Does Arlo Ultra 2 have HDR?

A : Yes. Your Arlo Ultra 2 camera automatically determines when to use HDR to optimize high-contrast areas in the camera’s field of view..


Q : How wide is the viewing angle on Arlo Ultra 2?

A : The lens is a 180-degree diagonal lens with a matching wide range for motion detection. This provides a panoramic view as if your eyes were there.


Q : What does color night vision mean?

A : Typical night-time video footage from security cameras is displayed in black and white. Arlo Ultra 2 can output images in color, even at night.


Q : Can I use Arlo Ultra 2 indoors and outdoors?

A : Yes. Arlo Ultra is outdoors weather-resistant. It is wire-free and does not require continuous power. With an additional, outdoor-rated charge cable or solar panel, you can use Arlo Ultra outdoors without the need to recharge it.


Q : Does Arlo Ultra 2 have two microphones?

A : Yes. The microphones can be used for two-way full-duplex conversations; they also enable noise-cancelling and wind noise reduction.


Q : Does Arlo Ultra 2 include a siren?

A : Yes. A siren sound plays directly from the camera. It can be set to trigger manually or automatically when motion or audio is detected.


Q : Does Arlo Ultra 2 have the same mounting options as Arlo Ultra?

A : Yes. Arlo Ultra 2 can use the same magnetic or screw-in mounts that are compatible with the original Arlo Ultra.