Arlo Pro 5 Camera FAQ

Jul 10, 2023

Arlo Pro 5 Camera FAQ

This article applies to: VMC4060P

What is the difference between Arlo Pro 5 and Arlo Pro 4?
Arlo Pro 5 offers all the same features as Arlo Pro 4 with the following additional capabilities:

  • Dual-Band Wi-Fi
    • Hassle-free setup, faster video loading, and less buffering with support for 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.
  • Low Power Mode
    • Provides up to 30% more battery life.

  • Improved image quality
    • Enhanced image sensor provides higher quality video, especially in low light.

Does Arlo Pro 5 have 2K resolution?
Yes. Arlo Pro 5 features 2K (2560x1440) resolution at 16:9 aspect ratio.

Do I need an Arlo SmartHub or Base Station to use Arlo Pro 5?
No. An Arlo SmartHub or Base Station is optional. You can connect Arlo Pro 5 directly to your Wi-Fi router.

What are the benefits of connecting my Arlo Pro 5 to a SmartHub or Base Station?
The Arlo SmartHub or Base Station increases security by adding a secure, personal network to your router. The Arlo SmartHub or Base Station also helps to regulate Wi-Fi traffic, can improve battery life, and is compatible with local storage.

For more information, visit: What are the benefits of using an Arlo SmartHub or Base Station?

How wide is the viewing angle on Arlo Pro 5?
The lens is a 160-degree diagonal lens with a matching wide range for motion detection.

What does color night vision mean?
Typical night-time video footage from security cameras displays in black and white. Arlo Pro 5 can output images in color, even at night.

What is High Dynamic Range (HDR)?
HDR solves the problem with over or under exposed images with both bright and dark areas in the same picture. Arlo Pro 5 automatically determines when to use HDR.

Can I use Arlo Pro 5 indoors and outdoors?
Yes. Arlo Pro 5 can be used indoors and is weather resistant for outdoor use. The included magnetic charging cable is for indoor use only. If you wish to charge your camera outside, you must use the  Outdoor Magnetic Charging Cable.

Does Arlo Pro 5 have an integrated spotlight?
Yes. The spotlight turns on in low-light settings. You can also manually turn it on or off.

Does Arlo Pro 5 include an Arlo Secure trial?
Yes. Arlo Pro 5 comes with a trial of Arlo Secure. For more information, visit: What is Arlo Secure and how can I benefit from it?

Is Arlo Pro 5 compatible with the Arlo XL Rechargeable Battery & Housing?
Yes. Arlo Pro 5 is compatible with the Arlo XL Rechargeable Battery & Housing.

Is Arlo Pro 5 compatible with the Arlo Solar Panel?
Yes. Arlo Pro 5 is compatible with the VMA5600 Solar Panel Charger.
For more information, visit: Arlo Solar Panel Compatibility

Am I able to mount my Arlo Pro 5 camera from my ceiling?
Yes. You can use the included mount or a Magnetic Wall Mount to mount your Pro 5 camera on the ceiling. If you use a Total Security Mount, you can purchase a Ceiling Adapter to mount your camera from the ceiling.

Does Arlo Pro 5 have an integrated siren?
Yes. A siren sound plays directly from the camera. It can be set to trigger manually or automatically with motion or audio detection.

What is the minimum upload bandwidth speed required?
Arlo Pro 5 uses an average of 2 Mbps upload bandwidth per camera.

Does Pro 5 support full two-way audio?
Yes. Arlo Pro 5 has full two-way conversational audio.

Does 2K recording require a subscription?
Arlo Pro 5 cameras come with an Arlo Secure trial that allows 2K streaming and cloud recording. You can also record 2K clips to local storage with the use of an Arlo SmartHub or Base Station. When your trial expires, you will need to renew the subscription to continue 2K cloud recording.
For more information on Arlo subscription plans, visit: What are the available Arlo subscription plans and how much cloud recording is available?
For more information on local storage, visit: How do I set up local storage backups on my Arlo Base Station or SmartHub? - Arlo Secure 4.0