What Is The Best Security Camera For Apartments? Apartment living just got more secure with Arlo.

May 8, 2024

With so many people coming in and out of your building, you need cameras with superior video quality to capture all the details. However, protecting your home can be more complicated when you’re a renter.

Why should renters take security seriously, and what’s the best security camera for condo buildings or apartments? We’ve got all the answers you need to secure your apartment from day one — and give you peace of mind 24/7.

Why do tenants need apartment door cameras?
A security system is always essential for any home, particularly in apartments. Apartment buildings, also known as “multifamily” buildings, tend to house more than one family — and have multiple points of entry to protect.

Let’s explore a few key benefits of installing security cameras outside your apartment — and encourage your landlord to install security cameras throughout the property:

1. Effectively monitor your property.
Surveillance systems with 24/7 monitoring guarantees all tenants will be aware of who’s regularly entering your building. Ideal for small spaces without sacrificing on video quality, a camera like the Essential Spotlight Wireless Security Camera is a high-resolution option that’s built for apartment living.

2. Improve tenant retention.
It’s no secret that a reliable security system makes tenants feel safer in your building. Installing smart doorbells, high-resolution cameras, and a reliable home security system is key. Level up your protection with the Ultra 2’s ultra-wide viewing angle and premium two-way audio capabilities.

3. Avoid porch pirates.
If you struggle to prevent porch pirates, apartment security cameras and video doorbells allow you to monitor and review all suspicious activity moving in and out of your building. Pick a camera with reliable night vision and motion detection so you can never miss a package — or a package thief.

4. First, protect your place at the front door.
If your condo building doesn’t have a reliable home security system, you’re definitely not alone. Bulk up your personal protection by installing your own wireless video doorbell. Options like the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell allow you instant access to live video feeds outside your door. Even if guests you don’t know enter the building, your front door is covered without needing to drill into the wall.

What factors should I consider when picking an apartment door camera?
Tenants have plenty of options when it comes to securing their homes. However, different buildings have different requirements that may limit what you can and cannot do. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right apartment door camera for you.

1. Examine your lease agreement.
You may ask yourself: Am I breaking my lease agreement by installing security cameras? The short answer is: It depends.

Read — and reread — your lease contract carefully. If you’re unclear what’s allowed, connect with a lawyer to help clarify any vague language.

2. Chat with your landlord.
If you want to install wired security cameras like the Essential Indoor Wired Security Camera, you may need permission from your landlord. Before installing any doorbell wires or drilling holes, be honest with your landlord about your security concerns. When it comes to installing any smart home security system, an open dialogue is key.

Connect with your landlord about your security concerns. Even if no such language is included in your lease agreement, get approval from your landlord early. If the leasing office approves your apartment security cameras, you are good to go. Ensure you also have proof of this agreement in writing to protect yourself from any future liability.

3. Consider privacy concerns.
Always preserve your neighbor’s privacy while ensuring your own safety. If you have a front door camera, make sure it’s pointed in a way that doesn’t capture your neighbors door. Ask yourself: Is my camera placement invading someone’s privacy? Other tenants in your building have a reasonable expectation of privacy.

This right should not be impeded by video and audio recording. Your home security system shouldn’t be able to record a neighbor’s movements in a way that infringes on their privacy or conversations within their private space.

What are the best security cameras for condo buildings and apartments?
From motion sensors to reliable Wi-Fi connection, keep an eye out for a few key features when choosing your doorbell.

1. Start with a video doorbell camera.
Not sure where to start? An apartment doorbell camera is ideal if it’s your only exterior option. Pick a doorbell camera with two-way voice communication for clear dialogue. Plus, motion-activated technology is key to track packages. With the Essential Wireless Video Doorbell in place, you can screen people at your door before you consider unlocking it.

2. Prioritize simple installation.
Pick a camera like the Essential Spotlight Wireless Security Camera with a wide field of view that is easy to install in minutes. A camera with a rechargeable battery and cloud storage will simplify your day-to-day. A 100% wireless design allows you to connect directly to your existing Wi-Fi network for fast, wire-free installation. Plus, Arlo cameras and doorbells work with Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, and Google Assistant and Google Nest.

3. Pick a wire-free option to avoid damage.
If you’re hard-wiring, you may need to drill new holes and make changes to the apartment to accommodate the system. If you are renting, be extra careful not to damage property. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may risk losing your security deposit or even face legal consequences. Always ask for permission to install any security cameras. You may need to open walls to install a hard-wired system. Plus, different buildings have different requirements that may limit you.

4. Choose a weather-proof option for outdoor installation.
Your options for outdoor cameras are limited to your circumstances. If you’re renting an apartment, you may be restricted to a doorbell camera to ensure you do not invade a neighbor’s privacy in a common space. If you have approval to install other cameras around the exterior of your apartment without any invasion of privacy, choose an outdoor camera built to withstand the elements like the Ultra 2.

5. Don’t overlook interior cameras for privacy — and pets.
An indoor apartment security camera is key to protecting your most valuable possessions. Options like the Essential Indoor Wired Security Camera even help you safeguard your private moments with an automated privacy shield. The Ultra 2 Wireless Security Camera can double as a pet security camera so you can keep an eye on your furry friend while you’re at work.

Apartment living just got more secure with Arlo.
From Ring Video Doorbells to Blink Video Doorbells, Google Nest Doorbells, and beyond, there are plenty of options out there. Consider Arlo Security Camera Bundles and customizable accessories when setting up your apartment system. A quality home security system should come with an app for ease of use and anytime access to security features.

With an Arlo Secure System Plan in place, you’ll get 24/7 Live Security Experts monitoring your home so you don’t have to. With connected intelligence you can trust, your apartment is protected with just one tap.