Wait, Is There A Security Camera That Works Without WiFi?

May 23, 2024

Find out why 4G LTE Cameras are the future of global work, home, and everything in between.

Imagine you’re expecting a package at home while you’re out grabbing groceries. UPS rings the doorbell, and your Wi-Fi suddenly goes out. You lose signal on your security camera — and can’t confirm remotely if it’s been delivered on your doorstep.

That’s where a wireless camera system comes in. A 4G LTE camera, also known as a no-wifi security camera, has smart features that work without internet connection. Home security cameras without Wi-Fi connection use a microSD card to store real-time video recordings on the cloud.

Do you need 24/7 security in areas prone to power outages? Let’s explore what cameras work without Wi-Fi, and find the right fit for you.

What type of cameras don’t need Wi-Fi?

We often get asked a key question: Do all security cameras use Wi-Fi with local storage? The answer is simple: no. Many digital video recorders and security camera systems don’t rely on the internet. Analog cameras, for example, transmit video from the camera to a DVR via coaxial cable.

HD Over Coax transports high-definition video over traditional analog coaxial cables. Closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV), on the other hand, are commonplace for business owners. CCTV cameras include analog and IP cameras as well as HD-Over-Coax options.

Where can you use a no wi-fi security camera?

A wireless security system can be used almost anywhere. When looking at the pros and cons, a wire-free, HD camera wins out. Options like the Arlo Go 2 Camera offer both LTE and Wi-Fi connection that can cover rural and remote locations. Whether you live in a wilderness area or in the heart of the city, stay secure by passing your data through a protected LTE network.

1. Stay connected on construction sites.

A system with crisp quality and 4G capability is an essential addition to any construction site. Protect your work property with an expansive worksite with a camera that has an ultra-wide 180° viewing angle.

Great for both long and short-term jobs, cameras like the Arlo Go 2 offer portable 24/7 security for the duration of any project.

2. Safeguard your RV on the road.

RVs and houseboats need cameras, too. Wherever you’ve parked your camper or boat, keeping it under the watchful eye of a wire-free camera is a smart idea. If you’re using a private lot or dock, check with your parking location to verify that it’s acceptable to video monitor on their land or site.

3. Protect your vacation home away from home without Wi-fi.

Don’t have Wi-Fi at your vacation home or cabin? No problem. A battery-powered camera really shines when you don’t have internet access. Capable of recording in 1080p HD while on LTE, you can rest assured your home will be monitored even when you don’t have direct access. Plus, the Arlo Go 2 reverts to Wi-Fi and saves your LTE data usage if you do find a connection.

4. Observe nature in action in the wilderness.

Color night vision and a 130° wide-angle lens let you see more wildlife in greater detail with round-the-clock coverage. Get up close and personal while maintaining a secure distance to observe some of nature’s most enthralling moments.

5. Protect your home during an outage.

Even in the heart of the city, Wi-Fi isn’t always reliable. Cameras like the battery-powered Arlo Go 2 shine when blackouts knock Wi-Fi offline. Capable of recording in 1080p HD while on LTE, you can rest assured your home will be monitored even under adverse conditions. When Wi-Fi returns, it reverts to internet connection to reduce LTE data usage.

What’s the best no-wifi security camera for me?

There are plenty of options out there. Keep an eye out for key features like cloud storage, cellular data connection, motion detection, and reliable live stream capabilities. Plus, make sure your doorbell camera or security camera is weather-resistant.

From the extreme heat of Southern states to the more temperate Pacific Northwest, prioritize resistance to heat, cold, rain, and snow for outdoor installation.

While many cameras on the market do require Wi-Fi connection to work, there are plenty of options that link directly to your data plan. Compatible with T-Mobile, Verizon, and USCellular, the Arlo Go 2 offers 4G LTE connectivity and a long-lasting battery.

The Arlo Go 2 is also compatible with the free Arlo App and includes 3 months of Arlo Secure, giving you rolling 30-day cloud recordings at your disposal. Watch live streaming or recorded video with your Arlo Secure Plan for security in the palm of your hand.

Stay protected on the grid anywhere — and everywhere — with Arlo today.