What Are the Best Jobsite Security Cameras Out There? Go ahead, control your site even when you’re off the clock with Arlo.

Apr 29, 2024

It’s no secret that construction sites are one of the most difficult work environments to safeguard. While an office building allows you to funnel visitors through designated entrances or exits, construction sites have multiple points of entry with expansive real estate.

Technically speaking, a construction site is a piece of land where construction work is being carried out. The term “jobsite” or “construction site” can refer to road construction, sewer construction, new home builds and anything in between.

Whether you’re managing a residential or corporate construction company project, a weatherproof security camera is key to keeping your site secure. As your team breaks new ground, let’s explore the best, high-quality on-site security cameras for you.

Why do I need a jobsite security camera?

Construction site cameras are a critical part of any security plan. Installing a command center for all of your security like Arlo’s Home Security System is the most effective way to protect your jobsite.

After all, site access control points can only go so far. While your zone might already have a secure perimeter to restrict unauthorized access, you may still be vulnerable to arson, vandalism, and trespassing after hours.

Arlo Go 2 Wireless No Wifi Security Camera being used at a construction jobsite

With a reliable (and affordable) security system in place, you can monitor an expansive site remotely, watch and record video in 1080p high definition, 2K, or 4K, and even confront would-be thieves in real time.

A jobsite security system can help you:

1. Control your site when you’re off the clock.
Why not make the most of mobile surveillance? Surveillance cameras allow you to remotely monitor your site from your phone, with convenient features like night vision and two-way audio capabilities.

2. Deter theft and vandalism.
Even installing a single, clearly visible security camera can make criminals think twice before acting. If you’re unlucky enough to be a victim of theft, options like the Arlo Ultra 2 boast extremely high quality video capabilities. Pro tip: 4K video with HDR can catch valuable identifiers like facial features, license plate numbers, and more.

3. Track project progress.
Construction site cameras will also increase transparency and oversight by recording subcontractor’s activities. Keep track of building material delivery, placement, and overall team performance. Plus, build a time lapse video to showcase your project from start to finish for your client.

4. Avoid costly in-person security during the day.
Hiring in-house security guards or outsourcing to a subcontracted provider can be extremely expensive for 24/7 monitoring. While you can hire an extra hand for the night shift, the cost can multiply fast if you don’t also invest in a security system for daily support.

What’s the best construction site security camera for you?
Whether you’re a developer, builder or even a new homeowner, you may be overwhelmed by the options out there. The type of camera you need depends on a few considerations. Are you building on acres of land? How many access points do you have? Are you storing any expensive machinery indoors?

As you weigh your options, keep an eye out for these key features:

Pick a weather-resistant camera for year-round security.
There’s no need for an outdoor security camera to be able to withstand prolonged immersion in water, but a weather-resistant camera is key. Construction sites are some of the most vulnerable to inclement weather. Be sure to pick a weather-resistant camera like the Arlo Ultra 2, which is designed to withstand heat, cold, rain, or sun.

Use wireless exterior cameras with wide angle reach.
Step one is to secure your perimeter. Wire-free exterior cameras like the Arlo Ultra 2 or the Pro 5 2K help you monitor entry points so you have a better idea of who is walking in and out. Just be sure to install any security camera out of easy reach so they can’t be tampered with.

Arlo Ultra 2 Wireless wide angle camera attached to a house

Protect access points with video doorbells.
A video doorbell like the Arlo Essential Wired Video Doorbell will help you see exactly who is trying to access an entry point. Seek out a video doorbell with two-way talk capabilities so you can address anyone remotely – and deter would-be intruders from your phone. A wire-free video doorbell like the Essential Wireless Video Doorbell offers flexible placement for new builds.

Leverage LTE connectivity for remote locations.
Do you lack internet connection on your site? You’re not alone. Most construction sites don’t have fixed internet lines. Plus, the cost and inconvenience of installing them for the sole purpose of running security cameras can be inaccessible.

Prioritize a security camera with embedded 4G LTE connectivity so your team can instantly access footage remotely and record videos. Even if your network or power on your job site fails, you won’t lose any footage captured by your surveillance systems.

Options like the Arlo Go 2 LTE/Wi-Fi camera use an LTE network whenever Wi-Fi isn’t available. You’re covered if there is no internet connection or it stops working. A wire-free security camera brings more to the table, including night vision, a rechargeable battery, and resilient all-weather protection.

Leverage indoor cameras for offices and sheds.
Do you store tools, expensive equipment, and important paperwork indoors? Indoor cameras are key to keeping an eye on your valuables. Avoid blind spots by positioning your camera to cover as much ground as possible. Place indoor cameras like the Arlo Essential Indoor Camera high up and in corners, and always secure items that aren’t in use. Remember: Keep an active and detailed inventory of equipment, tools, and materials so you know exactly when something goes missing.

Prioritize a proactive security plan with Arlo.
Installing security cameras at your construction site is an easy, affordable way to deter criminals. With the right security system in place, you can tackle any project with peace of mind. What are you waiting for? Build something great with Arlo by your side. Together, we can get the job done.