Arlo Go - Construction

Nov 10, 2021

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100% Wire-Free, Easy Installation, Seamless Security

Keep watch of your job sites from anywhere.

Construction sites can face a unique range of safety and security issues, including accidents, vandalism, and theft. Unlike other cameras, Arlo Go cameras can work anywhere, without power or wired Internet and are a convenient solution for any construction site. Delivering safety, efficiency and peace of mind – every worksite should have at least one Arlo Go camera.

1. Prevent theft, day or night

“Losses from construction site theft amount to over $1 billion every year.” Make Arlo Go your after-hours security patrol.

• Protect your assets and reduce thefts and vandalism at your site.
• Receive instant alerts any time someone goes where they shouldn’t be - day or night.

2. Provide a safer workplace

• Check-in any time to see if workers are following safety protocols.
• Review cloud recordings and stored footage to identify and prevent hazards at the site, and plan proactive risk mitigation steps.

3. Lower insurance costs

• Reduce liability by using camera recordings as evidence in the event of
crimes or accidents.

4. Monitor construction process

• Check on stages and shifts throughout the construction process.
• Plan schedules based on weather conditions, material deliveries and more.
• Communicate instantly over two-way audio.
• Let stakeholders track project progress remotely.

5. Remote access from anywhere

• Check-in anytime.
• Schedule recordings.
• Track multiple sites with streaming video - anywhere, anytime

Why Choose Arlo Go?

Arlo understands construction. You don’t have an IT team or big budgets, but that doesn’t mean you can’t protect your job sites. Arlo Go makes it easy and affordable to keep your business secured around the clock.

• Easy to install, small equipment size, no back room to maintain.
• Free mobile and web apps so you can monitor your business from anywhere.
• Works anywhere on the LTE network coverage areas.
• Easily move cameras to new locations based on your needs, with our innovative mounts.
• No DVRs or tapes to maintain or risk damaging. Recordings are instantly stored in the cloud, so you have the evidence you need.
• Rechargeable Battery: Long lasting, takes the expense out of uninterrupted security.