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by Anirudh H

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Get quick answers to your questions about the Arlo Pro 4 Wirefree Surveillance and Security camera here (Models: VMC4050P, VMC4250P, VMC4350P, VMC4450P).

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Q : Do I need an Arlo Base Station / SmartHub to connect to the Arlo Pro 4 cameras ?

A : No, with the Arlo Pro 4, you do not need to use a Base Station / SmartHub, unlike the older generation Arlo Pro cameras that needed the Base Station / SmartHub.

Arlo Pro 4 cameras can simply be connected directly to your home WiFi router!


 Q : What are the benefits of connecting my Arlo Pro 4 to a SmartHub or Base Station?

A : The Arlo SmartHub and Base Station both add a level of security and privacy by creating an independent, secure personal network, separate from the network your home router creates.

The SmartHub and Base Station also channel and help regulate WiFi traffic between your cameras, improving battery life. Additionally, you can use the USB-port on the SmartHub or Base Station to add on local storage through an attached HDD or USB drive (USB devices are sold separately).


Q : Can I use Arlo Pro 4 cameras indoors and outdoors?

A : Yes. Arlo Pro 4 cameras are weather-resistant by design, and can work wire-free. This means that you do not have to worry about exposing power cables to the elements.

If you need to power up your Arlo Pro 4 camera beyond what the battery can provide, you can equip the camera with the Indoor Power Adapter (VMA5000C) or the Outdoor Power Adapter (VMA5600C) (safe for outdoor weather), or you can use an Arlo Pro 4 Solar Panel (VMA5600) to maintain a continuous charge during the day time.

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